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iSwift Pi: Laptop Desk

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Working in bed or on the couch has become more normal than going into the office during the quarantine time. However, if you've ever tried to use a laptop while sitting on a couch, bed, or chair, you know how uncomfortable it could be. 

Fold Back to a Board In Seconds.

Devised to be a lap desk and a laptop stand, iSwift Pi is a game changer, which makes you feel cozy while having a good posture when you are navigating a new WFH situation.

iSwift Pi has two triangle legs that can be folded flat or extended to give you a raised surface to work from, making sure you have a nice and comfortable time using your laptop at bed, sofa or anywhere.

The solid legs work great whether you place it on the bed while you work, or on a table to get a suitable angle to work from while standing. 

The angle raised by the stand varies depending on the thickness of the devices.

Dedicated stopper prevents laptops from sliding off.
There are four angles that you can adjust to find the perfect position while working. It means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury such as neck and back strain, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again.
As iSwift Pi is 0.2-inch in thickness and 40 ounces in weight, you can stow it anywhere you want. Just slide it in your desk organizer or right below your pillow, saying goodbye to those heavy and bulky lap desk and stand.
Ideal working companion for digital nomads.
In addition, you can carry it just like your file folder when mobile working, adding nothing extra on the go.
The premium PU material is extremely durable, water-resistant and can be easily wiped clean by towels.
Premium PU material.
Made to last and ready to take on whatever the day brings, helping you do your best work.
As we all know, triangles are the most stable structure. iSwift Pi is sturdy enough to sustain a weight of 44 lbs owing to the bottom support of its two triangle legs.  
iSwift Pi is compatible with laptops  (up to 17.3 inches) and tablets at any size in your hands.